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General tree information
Number #243514
Scientific name Betula
Common name Birch
Trunk diameter 10.50 inches
Tree height 30.00 feet
Date Planted May 1, 2002
Yearly ecosystem services Value
Energy conserved 64.7 kWh $7.55
Stormwater intercepted 305.0 gal $2.38
Air pollutants removed 0.724 lbs $4.30
Carbon dioxide reduced 191.0 lbs $3.82
Total CO2 stored to date 2273 lbs $45.46
Planting site size Missing x Missing
Planting site type Missing
Powerlines overhead No
Sidewalk damage Minor or No Damage
Tree condition Excellent
Alerts 0 known
Actions 0 known
Local projects 0 known
Tree sponsor None
Tree steward None
Tree owner None
Tree entered by Public

Nearby Address: *

1253 Hillhaven Lane, Lincoln, CA 95648, USA
*Please note that this address is intended to be a general, not exact, reference to the location.


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    • June 5, 2014
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